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Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt1) Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Is nobody paying attention?

This is PART 1 OF THREE, the next two parts will be coming out within 24 HOURS! Stop complaining about the length!

Absolutely gorgeous, very professional all around. You have perfected your animation techniques. Voice acting was far ahead of newgrounds par. Storyboarding was perfect. Timing was perfect. You didn't linger on a background just because it took you a long time to make it. Stylized very professionally. The storyline was somewhat unlikely, but relevant enough to real world events to be just a little scary. I can't wait to see the rest of the episode.

My only suggestion would be that in the future, you contact newgrounds to see if you can upload an entire episode at once despite the large file size. I'm sure they would be willing to make an exception for you.

Suppressed Emotions 4 Suppressed Emotions 4

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good but

I think a change of subject matter is in order. At times your work comes off a little arrogant and pretentious. Much of that comes from the fact that your flash is about you. I think it's about time you took yourself out of your animations. It's just not a good idea to break the fourth wall like that.

Apart from that the graphics are awsome, the sound quality is high, though the voice acting could use a little more feeling, and the animation is pretty good. I just think a little change of pace is needed.

sex and the bedroom sex and the bedroom

Rated 4 / 5 stars


LOLZORDS YOU r a Dum anmtr i cn't believe peoples like dis you are so stupidhaha especially da peoples that think you are xtually david firth so dum ...

can anybody say satire?

banana phone terror banana phone terror

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well done

This was pretty funny. The outrageous political commentary at the end made me chuckle. I won't complain about you ripping off the original banana phone cartoon because it was a tribute. The very ending was somewhat of a suprise, and funnier for it's complete impossibility.

Your work would benefit from some study of the human form. Most things looked good on their own but the proportions threw things off. At times the head seemed too small and the arms too long. I was going to provide you with a link, but apparently that's not allowed. Just do a google search on figure drawing or human proportions and it'll be easy to find something.

It's more important to stick to the same proportions throughout the movie then it is to get them perfectly right, as that is part of your artistic style. But I did notice they seemed to change a little throughout the movie.

It could also use a little more frame by frame animation, but I'm working on one right now and I can understand why somebody wouldn't want to. Tweening is fine for most things, but for action scenes frame by frame makes things so much better. I did see some of it and good job with it.

Fox News:Hannity & Colmes Fox News:Hannity & Colmes

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good

This was pretty good, made me laugh. The graphics were good. The animation was just tweening but that's usually fine for a comedy, and you use it well. I used to like your work a lot more. I think this kind of politics has gotten stale for me.

What your work needs is some new subject matter. Instead of focusing on republicans and democrats, try and touch on some more ignored issues. The ones nobody even talks about on the news. At least the Breavis and Butthead flash was a change of pace.

Of course, above all else it still needs to be funny. And I thought this packed a punch. And at least you had the sense to make Comes look like an insane person. And I loved the part where Ann Coulter came out of Hannity's lap.

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Red vs. blue (NOT HALO) Red vs. blue (NOT HALO)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

I gave you a 3 because, even though this may look crappy to the untrained eye, it was frame by frame and I can tell this took a lot of work. You have the key points of animation down. Whatever you make next, at least give it a soundtrack, and take a little more time on each frame. But seeing as how this is your first flash, it's definitely above the curve.

Boneland's Stray Bullet Boneland's Stray Bullet

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Those of you claiming he has no taste

Watch his series, Minushi, and you will change your mind. It's possible to have both a sense of artistry and humor. I thought this was funny because it was so over the top and the concept was very bizarre. It was a bit predictable, but at the same time I was wondering how it would be executed. Pretty good. Not your best work.

Dear Jason Math Dear Jason Math

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The art was good, and I liked your style as well as some of the dialogue. Could have used more animation but I guess that wouldn't have fit.

My main complaint would be that there was something very "look who's talking" about a flash animator telling a reviewer he needs to get out more. It's not my intent to imply anything about you. But it did seem kind of strange to single out one single reviewer and ostracize him as the basis for a flash. It has a very flame wars internet forum nerdom to it and I guess it just seemed a little rude to me.

That said, the art was very good and, sans the finger pointing, the message was good. The music was a good choice too.

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Merry Melony ep.1 Merry Melony ep.1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The best animation on Newgrounds

I've had this as my number one favorite for quite some time. In my opinion it is the best flash on this site. The story is intriguing, the graphics and animation are parelelled only by Adam Phillips, and your sense of originality and artistic style are rivaled only by Aleksander Wasilewski. Your mix of post-modern flair and indie cinema is impressive. Your style goes against the trends without falling into the expected cliches of counter-cultures like goth or art-film, and without resorting to shock-value for its own sake. Even though there is obvious intelligence behind the film, it is presented in an accessible manner that doesn't seem pretentious or overbearing.

My only complaint is that part II still hasn't come out.

Keep up the good work and keep pursuing this as a profession.

Easter Song! Easter Song!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

No, Jesus WASN'T born on Christmas anyway

And it was a JOKE! Read the intro?

So everybody complaining about when Jesus was or wasn't born should just shut up. Christmas is a pagan holiday written into the rituals of a Christian. Nobody knows when Jesus was born but most evidence doesn't point towards it being anywhere near December 25th. It was a roman holiday people.

This was pretty funny. The randomness made it funny but parts of it were just so random that it wasn't funny. Like "your face is made of plastic". But overall good job.

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Gobolatula responds:

That's right! Read, people read!

Thanks for the review mang. Yeah, I wrote the lyrics and music in the spirit of a middle school punk rocker.